Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Cooperation in the work place as an lpn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Cooperation in the work place as an lpn - Essay Example She is responsible for assisting nurses and for doing care activities that do not require a registered nurse’s judgment and critical thinking. An lpn is one of the strengths of a heath care team; it would not be an easy task for other members to complete all care activities in a short period of time. Care rendered out of collaborative efforts contributes to early recovery of patients. Licensed practical nurses (lpns) care for the sick, injured, and convalescent under the direction of a registered nurse or physician. Therefore, it is a collaborative effort between physicians, nurses, and lpns. It is not necessarily that lpns always ask for the permission of the nurse or doctor in providing care; rather, lpns also have their own scope of practice. It is only applied in instances beyond their scope of practice to ensure safety of the patient. Lpns are also independent professionals but only under their scope of practice. Cooperation is a part of their everyday task and safety and recovery are also their priority. A health care team, not composed of lpns, would not be as efficient as those teams with

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