Saturday, February 8, 2020

Writing a Love Story Between a Fairy and a Vampire

Writing a Love Story Between a Fairy and a VampireWhen I was asked if I would write a love story between a fairy and a vampire, I just laughed at the idea. In fact, I didn't really have any other reasons not to write this romance novel.And then I thought, maybe I should give it a try. Then I began to really think about it, and I decided it was worth writing. It may be not be the best thing ever written in the world, but it's certainly my first novel, and maybe the first I will ever write. That's how I really feel about it.But in this story, there is a love story between a fairy and a vampire. And that was something I just had to do. A vampire having a human girlfriend or boyfriend just didn't seem fair.Also, how do you say 'I love you' to a vampire? How about with vampire teeth? Ah well, what can I say? Well, here goes. Before this love story happens, the vampire stole the princess from her place of home.In this book, after the vampire takes the princess, the fairy finds out where he is. There she meets the vampire who tells her he loved her and killed his own parents. As he claims that he loves her, the fairy starts to feel how strange his actions are. She still does not know whether he is actually a vampire or not.As she tries to figure out what it is that she feels, she just thinks she has to make the fairy aware of this. Well, as she watches her, she starts feeling more that this fairy is all right. Of course, the fairy does not know that he is actually a vampire.The fairy and the vampire still fall in love. This time, the fairy is not able to reject the vampire. In fact, he endures everything the vampire does to him. As the two come to an understanding, they agree to a formal relationship. However, the fairy still has doubts about the whole thing.

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