Saturday, September 21, 2019

Significance of a Study Essay Example for Free

Significance of a Study Essay The study of the knowledge, attitude and practice on premarital sex of senior high school students in a certain national high school in Iloilo can serve as a learning paradigm to teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators, health educators, parents and the students themselves to enhance their insight and for their ceaseless quest for knowledge. Being the secondary mentors, the teachers and guidance counselors can benefit to the findings of this study. The findings of this research may serve as a guide to deal with problems, controversies and topics related to sexuality. Equipped with this information, they will be able to understand, educate and give apt advice in order to breed respected and responsible members of the community. School administrators, being the ones to discipline the students, will gain advantage to the findings of this study since this will provide them additional awareness on the sexual attitude and practices of high school students. These may enable them to formulate policies and plan of actions that can help increase consciousness on pre marital sex in their schools and prevent sexually related problems amongst the students. The insight health educators and service providers will gain from the results of the study, will hasten their interest to propagate more ideas and facts or basis essential to the practice of their profession. The information provided by the study is important for them to plan interventions, prevention programs and dissemination of vital information addressed to the needs and problems of adolescents. The high school students will be the most benefited by the results of this study. They will have a criterion as to whether their knowledge is adequate, their attitude and practices on premarital sex conform to the standards of the community. The findings will guide them in terms of their limitations or boundaries. Being sexually active, they will be presented with the advantages and disadvantages of early engagement in sexual activities, which subsequently give rise to severe problems. The findings of the study will provide the parents, as primary educators, beneficial insights and useful information on the teenagers’ sexual attitude and practices. These will help them in managing such matters. Lastly, the result of the study may confront them with existing sexual issues that will provoke them to understand their children better. The knowledge they obtain may improve their parental roles and for their children to recognize better their parental authority. Furthermore, the results of this study may answer queries parents themselves don’t totally understand and for them to know the factors that may affect the sexuality concerns and sexual activities of their children.

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