Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Women in Islam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Women in Islam - Assignment Example The hijab has become common in the Muslim world and frequently worn conceitedly by the university and college girls as a sign of Islamic identity, liberating them symbolically from western cultural domination and imperialism (Kusha, 2011). Â  In addition, the traditional Muslim culture of male occupational dominance has also changed, and currently, Muslim women hold various positions in the workplaces. The culture of men as the breadwinners does no longer exist, and women raise their children and feed the household just as men. Another important change in the Muslim culture to satisfy the needs of modern women is in marriage. Traditionally, all Muslim marriages were arranged, and women had no say, but in the modern one, women are cherished and treated well. In fact, the mistreatment and beating of women are something of the past in the Muslim marriage. Â  In summary, the Muslim culture has transformed to include the needs of women in the modern society, but there is need to address the miss-emphasis and misrepresentation in Islam. The Muslim leaders should continue to address the problem of gender relations within the Muslim communities and outside to correct the gender imbalances.

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