Thursday, December 26, 2019

Immigration And The United States - 1464 Words

Immigration has always been a complex issue in the United States. Previous and current administrations have had great difficulties in setting policies and programs in place to address this problem. During the course of American history, laws were enacted to address such issues. There were numerous legislative milestones in regards to immigration in the United States. In order to understand the current issues regarding immigration, we have to look back at the policies that were in place along with the goals that they intended to serve. According to (Barusch, 2012), the United States had an open immigration policy; which means that anyone could relocate to this country. As a result of this policy, the government had to redefine†¦show more content†¦(Presidential candidate .org). The objective of the immigration policy is to address all issues, not just prevalent issues. Immigration issues have been a problem throughout history. This Society holds different perceptions on the topic. Some people favor the flow of immigrants while others oppose it. Immigration is a social problem that must constantly be reviewed due to the complexity of the problems. In this situation, different factors such as the quality of life for immigrants, how they impact the economy, how the implementation of policies would benefit them, have to be taken into consideration. Immigration policies affect all aspects of today’s society. The key figures in the immigration issue are immigrants, documented/undocumented, political figures. Immigration reform has been an issue in previous and current administrations. Policy makers experience difficulties in setting policies/ programs in place to address the issue. This policy was chosen for analysis because it affects us all. Immigration has always played a central role in the life and growth of the nation. (Civilright .org). In selecting this policy for analysis, I took into consideration that I, too, was an immigrant before I became a naturalized citizen. I was able to benefit from the policies in place at the time of my arrival in this

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