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The Policy Categories And Be Able For Cite Examples

1) Review the policy categories and be able to cite examples: a) Constituent policies – involves the structure that makes up the government. Constituent policies are concerned with the establishment of government structure, establishment of rules or procedures for the conduct of government, rules that distribute or divide power and jurisdiction within the present and future government policies might be made. A structural example of constituent policy is the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. In 2002, President George Bush did not see the need of a department to manage terrorism, however, he changed his mind and called on Congress to create a Department of Homeland Security. A procedural example of constituent policy is the Federal Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 with outlined the procedures to be used by agencies to ensure openness and fairness in agency decision-making. Constituent policies also include matters that involve personnel practices and budg etary actions. b) Distributive policies – the allocation of benefits or services, at no cost, to particular segments of the population—individuals, groups, companies, or communities. These benefits or services include subsidies, grants, loans, technical assistance, information (as on the weather), contracts, unemployment benefits, and river and harbor improvement actions. The cost of these benefits and services are paid from the public treasury, which means taxpayer generally. c) SubstantiveShow MoreRelatedUnited States On International Trade1223 Words   |  5 PagesThe CITES is an international agreement that entered in force the 1st of July 1975. It is designed to prevent any threat, caused by international trade, towards the survival of specimens of wild animals and plants. The global scale of the trading network nowadays imposes this convention to have an international scope, thus to include 181 parties protecting more than 35,000 species This treaty has 2 main purposes: it aims to improve the working of the Convention, also, ensure that CITES policy developmentsRead MoreThe Truth And Reconciliation Commission1660 Words   |  7 Pagesbeing revealed, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had to be tasked with discovering and revealing past wrongdoing by a government in the hope of resolving conflict left over from the past. (cite) The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established on June 2, 2008, and was completed in June 2015 (cite). The Commission was established in order to implement Canada s Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, as well as to educate Canadians on Residential Schools and the wrongdoing theRead MoreSaks Fifth Avenue Case Study Essay1188 Words   |  5 Pagesthe human aspects of internal controls. Of note are Saks’ zero-tolerance policy of employee theft, anti-harassment policy and complaint procedure. Also, the case study highlights control activities in a major retail store. Finally, it questions what an auditor’s role is concerning employee’s work environment. Question #1 In your opinion, was Saks’ zero-tolerance policy for employee theft reasonable? Was the policy likely cost-effective? Defend your answers. The case presented only one instanceRead MorePresidential Power Over Immigration Throughout From The United States1480 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout From the Constitutional Convention to Recent American History The Constitution grants the U.S. President ample power regarding almost every aspect of governing the nation; yet, it grants him none directed specifically at immigration policies. In fact, the Constitution was silent on immigration altogether. â€Å"None of the congressional powers [in the Constitution] explicitly mentions immigration†¦ [which] led some to suggest that immigration was left exclusively to state control. HoweverRead MoreCyber Bullying : The Third Leading Cause Death For American Youths901 Words   |  4 Pagesthat repeatedly communicates hostile or aggressive messages intended to inflict harm or discomfort on others† (Foody, Samara, Carlbring, 2015). Cyber bullying is unique to other forms of bullying in many ways. A cyber bully is able to hide behind social media and is able to maintain secrecy while posting cruel messages to a vast audience. The perpetrator may also not realize the true effects of his actions because he is unable to see his victim whil e online; reducing his feeling of responsibilityRead MoreA Study of Keynesian Economics1073 Words   |  4 PagesWhich fiscal policies might activist Keynesian economists recommend to help a depressed economy regain full employment? Explain how they work. Keynes and Keynesian economists propose two large categories of measures to help a depressed economy regain full employment. These are either monetary measures or fiscal measures. Monetary measures rely on the decrease of interest rates and the reasoning behind this approach is as follows. The individual in an economy has two basic option of utilizingRead MoreIt 244 Access Control Policy Appendix F838 Words   |  4 PagesAssociate Level Material Appendix F Access Control Policy Student Name: Patricia Manter University of Phoenix IT/244 Intro to IT Security Instructor’s Name: Kevin Swinson Date: June 24, 2012 Access Control Policy Due in Week Seven: Outline the Access Control Policy. Describe how access control methodologies work to secure information systems 1 Authentication Describe how and why authentication credentials are used to identify and controlRead MoreEssay on Does CSR Work?942 Words   |  4 Pagesincrease in corporate social responsibility (CSR) stems from three reasons: 1) companies have made themselves targets by doing â€Å"bad† things in the past (Shell in Nigeria; Nike in Indonesia), 2)public perception that the global marketplace is more police-able and international rules and standards are more enforceable, 3) companies large growth as made them the only ones capable of policing themselves in a global capacity. However, two questions arise from this new branch of the corporate hierarchy: 1)Read MoreAccess Control Policy1679 Words   |  7 PagesAssociate Level Material Appendix F Access Control Policy Student Name: Charles Williams University of Phoenix IT/244 Intro to IT Security Instructor’s Name: Tarik Lles Date: December 4, 2011 Access Control Policy Due in Week Seven: Outline the Access Control Policy. Describe how access control methodologies work to secure information systems Access control is used to restrict operations, which authorized users can perform. Access control does exactly what it says,Read MoreEssay995 Words   |  4 PagesCourt’s decision completely recognizes that in certain circumstances, like that of war, the president might have to act before Congress is able to authorize action. Yes, because the Court’s opinion was that the President had the authority to use the military in case of an attack or for defense. â€Å"Curtiss-Wright, so I’m right† in other words presidents routinely cite the Curtiss- Wright case as authority to do as they wish in the area of foreign affairs. I don’t think it is consistent with the constitutional

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