Sunday, June 9, 2019

Article review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Review - Article ExampleThe concept of fetal tissue transplant has been one of the most controversial aspects in recent medical research. The very fact that the tissue comes from aborted fetus has raised myriad questions especially amongst bioethical campaigners who feel it is certainly inappropriate to use aborted fetus as a panacea in a medical situation. Well, considering such arguments, it is imperative to realise that upon successful confirmation and development of fetal tissue transplant, it would really shape the need to provide the fetal tissues in abundant supplies in order to address the growing demand. That would create a dilemma in the medical fraternity. conventional ethics basically fails to concur with such a proposition. The situation becomes more intricate given that no consent is obtained from anybody when the fetus is used in the treatment.The great challenge that confronts the medical fraternity in the present age is the unavailability of other options with reg ard to the treatment of Parkinson malady. Sure enough, as a challenge to humanity, the disease needs to be addressed. In the United States, the issue had become so publicised to the extent that the president was forced to intervene and give a guinea pig broadcast with reference to the whole research undertaking.The common argument on ethical grounds regards the fact that the research will accelerate and encourage excess miscarriages in the face of the growing need to treat patients through fetal tissue transplant. On the same account, bioethical researchers argue that a woman who accepts to conduct an abortion cannot authorise the use of the fetal tissues in the medical treatment because she will have abdicated her parental responsibility in the first place. Sure enough, that point holds water supply given the challenges that are likely to be realised with women conducing abortions in order to

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