Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Waste Elimination Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Waste Elimination - Coursework ExampleIn the several groups identified by economist, Taiichi Ohno, there is the imperative consider of identifying some of them and breaking them down in an effort to acquire greater understanding of their effects and subsequent characteristics. These pine groups include, damage caused by the shove along to the environs, the waste in production and the waste brought about in motion. Baltimore Green Construction is a company based in Maryland that has made tremendous efforts in resolving the various waste issues experienced today. Focusing on the first category identified, there are actually many effects caused by waste products to the environment and the affected are not only people, but also other organisms in the environment. One of the major problems that waste products have on the environment is pollution. Pollution is a problem that has affected many countries in the 21st century and the amount of waste products that bring about this is in a very large amount. Characterization of pollution is into three groups, one of the vast types is air pollution, the other type of pollution identified is water pollution, and then there is the less(prenominal) but still epidemic soil pollution. Focusing on air pollution, the major factor to identify with this is global warming. Many companies in the contemporary military man manufacture and produce goods using industries and factories that do not have proper waste disposal systems. However, one of the ways through which Baltimore Green Construction has

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