Friday, October 18, 2019

FINAL LEGAL RESEARCH PAPER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

FINAL LEGAL RESEARCH PAPER - Essay Example Therefore, these researchers end up not publishing their information regarding varied flaws they normally find characterizing certain digital products. For instance, Dmitry Sklyarov’s arrest prompted Fred Cohen to withdraw information regarding â€Å"Forensix† software from his website claiming he was afraid of DMCA’s liability once he steps in US (Von Lohmann, 2010). Some scientists as well as researchers have expressed their fears especially when visiting US in the quest of attending varied conferences. This is because they deem US’ authorities will arrest them due to their past openness in revealing flaws that characterize certain Corporations’ products who have filed charges before without their knowledge (Von Lohmann, 2010). Hence, prompting these scientists and researchers to compel conference organizers to hold such events in other non-US states (Von Lohmann, 2010). Other researchers have decided not to reveal their findings all together in t he quest of ensuring they have maintained cordial relationship with the US. This is detrimental especially to the unsuspecting customers who may not understand exactly certain flaws that characterize most of the reputable products they have been using (Von Lohmann, 2010). a. ... nt researchers â€Å"play safe† by withholding their varied researches concerning flaws, which they have ascertained evident in some digital products, for instance, Mr. Song (who has authored varied security researches) (Von Lohmann, 2010). b. Introduction to the Problem DMCA liability has prompted numerous researchers to withdraw as well as withhold essential researches concerning flaws, which they have ascertained characterizing certain digital products. Since most of these researchers fear prosecutions and arrests once they visit US (Von Lohmann, 2010). Studies have also revealed how certain researchers especially Russian programmers to date decline attending US conferences and prefer them held in other states. This is due to the past information they have revealed concerning flaws evident in some of the most reputable products produced by US corporations for years (Von Lohmann, 2010). c. Purpose Statement This study seeks to ascertain exactly what prompts scientists and pr ogrammers decline unveiling essential information, which they have found characterizing some reputable digital products. d. Research Questions and Sub questions i. What is the impact of DMCA liability to both scientists and programmers since its inception to date? ii. What are the researchers’ views concerning DMCA liability? iii. So far, what damages has DMCA liability caused to both scientists and programmers? iv. Does the DMCA liability affect only the US’ scientists and programmers? v. What are some of the examples that indicate DMCA liability has interfered with both researchers and programmers’ legal rights? vi. Is it true researchers and other experts in this field withhold essential information fearing prosecution or barred from visiting US? e. Statement of Significance Scientists,

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