Saturday, October 19, 2019

Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 10

Islam - Essay Example The focus in the paper "Islam" is on present day problems that can be solved by focussing on the spiritual democracy where only powerful minority or only majority is not to do with the whole system rather every individual is important in the whole fabric of the system of world and what is in it, that is implied in the rhythmic and systematic rituals of pilgrimage. As pilgrimage is having rituals like staying and camping, revolving, running and throwing stones at evil symbol, and to refrain from every evil and to be oriented only towards inner self and to behave in a good way, in the same way the whole practice of life is actually symbolic of the essence of the will and faith of ours which can best be polished by bringing the sense of equality, solidarity, spiritual purity and freedom seen during the pilgrimages in Makkah. The nation making process can also be considered that how people can best be amalgamated and disciplined by making them warmly spiritual at heart. It brings one to ponder about the ideal state which may be the most peaceful, rhythmic, systematic and spiritually and physically healthy of which rituals of the pilgrimage may be referred as symbolic. Pilgrimage is the pillar of Islam which gives support to the religion of peace by establishing the bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood in order to bring equality, solidarity and freedom from intruding, underestimating and horrible activities from others, that is all implied in the whole journey which is done during the pilgrimage and all activities as well.

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