Saturday, October 5, 2019

Mind the Gap Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Mind the Gap - Assignment Example By being able to see yourself while you discuss a topic, one becomes clear about how people will perceive him or her. This helps in improving one’s presentation and thus confidence level also improves (Maxwell, 2009). -When a person develops the habit of discussing ideas with his or her team in informal setting, the same ideas can be presented in much more comfortable way in formal settings as well. This personal aspect usually helps in getting rid of this problem (Throop and Castellucci, 2009). I have chosen this goal considering the point that presentations and public speaking is an important aspect in work environment. Those who lack in this aspect usually find it tougher to climb the ladder of management. As my career goals include becoming a manager in some reputed global chain of business, it is an important quality I need to acquire. -I find my communication skills not very good in comparison to many others who can discuss their ideas with much more confidence. To avoid this problem, it is better to have a set of ideas written in form of points for reassurance (Burn, 2012). -When a business executive is aware of his or her weakness, he or she should work on getting rid of the same. I know that I lack in communication skills. Practice can help me improve a lot (Pavlina, 2009). -While presenting my ideas to a group of business associates or colleagues, visual aids can help me explain my ideas in a much better way. Visual aids can reduce my work to half (Masters and Wallace, 2010). This goal is important to me as my communication skills are weak and I need to improve on them. Weak communication skills can be hindrance in career growth. To overcome this shortcoming, I need to use technological aids to my advantage. -Multinational companies usually have people coming from various cultural backgrounds. It is important that one understands and respects

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