Sunday, February 10, 2019

Evaluating National Environmental Health Association’s (NEHA) Performan

A mission mastery is what defines an judicatures reason for existing and is the foundation for everything they do (Aguinis, 2009). Furthermore, the vision statement is where the government desires to be in the future (Cady, Wheeler, DeWolf, & Brodke, 2011). Therefore, it is important to make sure that the brass has a good mission and vision statement that is clear and concise. fit in to Aguinis (2009), an ideal mission and vision statement booth have octad different characteristics. The mission statement essential describe what they do, their market, their unique benefits, what engineering science they use, concern for their survival, managerial philosophy, what public image they want, and their self-concept of business (Aguinis, 2009). In contrast, the vision statement must be brief, verifiable, bound by a timeline, current, focused, understandable, inspiring, and non easily attainable (Aguinis, 2009). The National Environmental Health Associations (NEHA) mission st atement is to advance the environmental wellness and protection schoolmaster for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all (NEHA, 2011, 1). In addition, NEHA does non have a vision statement. Instead, they have a strategical bearing that focuses on directions and non destinations. It is the organizations belief that by steering on directions, it will allow them to change course quickly should a change be appropriate. In addition, NEHAs strategic direction includes training, education, credentialing, advocacy, and organizational capacity (NEHA, 2011). Therefore, based on Aguiniss criteria, NEHAs mission statement is missing seven of the eight elements and lone(prenominal) really addresses who their customers are, the environmental health and ... ...ization is, where they are going, and how they plan to achieve it (Cady, Wheeler, DeWolf, & Brodke, 2011). Unfortunately, NEHA is lacking a real strategic direction since their mission statement is too vague and they have no vision for the future. While they have a strategic direction statement, it is not tied to a clear mission or vision so it is also not very useful in aligning the organization. For an organization to realize their full potential and to stay competitive, they must have a strong mission and vision statement. A vision alone is only a dream. Coupled with a mission, the vision is a destination (Dossenbach, 2001). NEHA must have a destination if they want to continue to be the connection that the environmental health and protection specialist turns to for education, professional advancement, and knowledge of the environmental health field.

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