Friday, February 15, 2019

Scottsboro Trials Essays -- American History, Segregation

In the 1930s segregation was strongly enforced and whites were super to blacks. It didnt matter whether you were poor or rich, if you were white you had more appraise and trust than any black person did. So when white girls commove blacks of raping them, something big is about to happen. Trials that were meant to only take a few days, turned into months, and soon it became years. Before people knew it, something as simple as spoil trials was altering the countries future. The Scottsboro Trials were conducted in a way that gave us long-lasting make.Hoboes hitched rides on freight trains and did as they pleased during the 1930s (Carter 3). When the train pulled away from the put at Stevenson the station master was approached by a group of fed up(p) hoboes. The only white guy in the group was grasping the congest of his head which appe atomic number 18d to be oozing with blood. The group claimed there had been a advertize and the group of Negros had thrown them out of the t rain (Carter 4). When the station master got backchat out to capital of Mississippi County the sheriff gave the county deputy sheriff authority to deputize any military personnel he could find. When the freight train came to a halt at the Jackson county station it took all but ten minutes to search it. When the probe was complete their findings consisted of nine colored Negro boys and two white women who were conceal as boys (Carter 5). When questioned, the boys claimed to have never seen each other before. After the deputy was done with the interrogation they were tied together in a rake with a plow line. The nine boys were telling each other the emergence of this would be good. Ruby Bates told the deputy that the nine Negro boys raped her and her little girl Victoria Price (Carter 6). When the nine Negro... ...erybodys right. When it comes to our criminal justice system, we are more knowledgeable about our rights and how they should be conducted (Right Due To bear on 1 12).These trials took place almost 81 years ago. At the time of this effect the world was different. Racism was a big part of how our country worked, and blacks really had no rights. It took seven years for the Scottsboro trials to begin and find an end. Little did the fraternity know that during the trials (1930-1937) they were changing the way we see things today. People still return the events of the trials and even though we dont realize it, we live with the effects of the trials everyday. Blacks are now considered apart of our community and they all have the equivalent rights as we do. If the Scottsboro Trials had been conducted any differently, blacks might not have all the uniform privileges as whites.

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