Monday, August 12, 2019

E-commerce, Monster. Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

E-commerce, Monster. Inc - Essay Example This strategy is based on co-operative business activities between two or more firms, entered into for strategic reasons, involving the creation of a separate business entity under joint control and ownership. For this is a very attractive strategy which helps to save millions of dollars on advertising. For instance, "the combination of AOL Europe's strong consumer reach and Monster's established leadership position in the global recruiting market will result in a robust European career center for both job seekers and employers" ( Announces Strategic Alliance With AOL Europe, 2006). International expansion through strategic acquisitions helped monster to expend globally. Acquisition policy is undoubtedly the most radical growth strategy open to management in that it represents a deliberate attempt to change the nature of the business. When the overall market has been growing, it is easy for companies with a small market share to gain share. This is because the absolute level of sales of the established companies may still be growing. In 2004 acquired jobpilot which "provides Monster with the leadership position in Germany, a key growth opportunity for Monster Europe, and it will significantly extend Monster's reach, capabilities and footprint in central Europe" (Monster World Wide Expands, 2006). Strategic alliances helped to expand to Asian countries, for instance Minor strategic acquisitions took place in 1998 and involved Future Pages, College Town U.S.A. and Golden Key National Honor Society. These alliances were aimed to involve college jobseeker in online college marketplace nationwide. (TMP Worldwide's, 1999). Making a name for itself strategy also helps to strengthen its brand and increase market share. This enables further commercial opportunities for the brand owners and legitimizes the investment in website development and maintenance. In this respect, connecting the brand site and the social aptitude of community participants potentially creates a new marketing tool. Advertising during a Super Bowl and other sports events is a part of this strategy, which proved its effectiveness. Customers integrate all their experiences of observing, using, or consuming a service with everything they hear and read about it. Information about comes from a variety of sources and cues, including advertising publicity, sales personnel, and packaging. Brand equity can also be thought of as an asset representing the value created by the relationship between the Monster brand and customers over time. ( Online community is one of the most important PR strategies applied by On-line community improves communication and interaction between job-seekers and managers of the company. It becomes an interactive system that allows individual jobseekers to find the best solution and the best job according to their needs and expectations. As the most important, jobseekers have a possibility to express their opinion openly about the services they receive. community covers wide range of different community groups and topic to meet the needs of diverse target audience. It includes samples of resumes and general tips for jobseekers, samples of cover letters and interview tips, discussion boards and interactive communication, different chat rooms and forums, etc. ( Community, 2006) This communication channel helps to develop profitable,

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