Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Engineering Design Flow Contributing To the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Essay

Engineering Design Flow Contributing To the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster - Essay Example The researcher suggests that perhaps April 1986 was the worst tragedy in the global nuclear history, considering that Russia was among the leading nations as far as nuclear energy production was concerned. However, the Chernobyl plant encountered the worst engineering disasters that led to its decommissioning barely a decade and a half into operation. One of the nuclear reactors under test exploded under intense pressure, spewing tons of nuclear waste into the atmosphere. Several people, including plant technicians and engineers, absorbed significant levels of radiation from the accident. The team from Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and some government operatives initially briefed the locals about the impending disaster. Although the local people were told not to worry because the explosion was a slight problem that the plan engineers dealing with it, nuclear waste was already spreading across the entire area. The government had to evacuate all the residents of Prypiat city within 24 hours because of the radiation effect that resulted from the leakage of nuclear waste into the atmosphere. By magnitude, the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster was the worst accident in global nuclear history. Nuclear experts believe that Chernobyl and the area around it are still contaminated with nuclear waste presently. To understand the events and circumstances that led to the unfortunate accident, it is worth examining the real causes of the accident, whether it was human cause or the causes were beyond human control.

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