Sunday, August 11, 2019

Public Administration (MSc) area Research Proposal

Public Administration (MSc) area - Research Proposal Example It is provided through organizations with facilities and personnel to offer proper healthcare to people in need (Stone; 131; 2008). Most of the developing countries do not provide adequate basic health care to their population, that is, their public health systems are not functioning as countries such in sub-Saharan Africa have less than three doctors per a population of 10,000 people. Significant losses of medicines due to poorly managed storage and distribution system or are missing in some countries, lack of an effective infrastructure system which is paramount for a worthy health care system. Health amenities in these countries are situated in urban areas far from the rural folks who are most in need of these services as well as they constitute the highest numbers in terms of demography. The political and social-economy structures of these countries hamper access to health services, blocking patients and service providers out. Overcrowded houses, being short of clean water and sewerage treatment leads to spread of diseases and social stigmas especially AIDS make most of the populace to avoid testing and trea tment. In general governments in these countries spending on health care is not a priority due to lack of political will, hence fewer resources are devoted to endemics such as HIV/AIDS or Malaria. Even where health care funds are allocated they end up being unspent due to poor management and bureaucratic ties in the government machinery (Smith;379; 2002). Pharmaceutical firms have been on the fore front of solving the health problems of these countries by giving access to health services and medicines in collaboration with the governments, non-governmental organizations and other international agencies (Jenkins; 90; 1978). Policy makers in Third World Countries have had a low priority and neglect for quality healthcare at the expense of a wider coverage, as well as the health departments of these countries have poor information systems that are not reliable in documentation to assess the quality of health. The observation is that, improvement of quality is equivalent to additional inputs and costs that these countries cannot afford with their economies. For improvement of healthcare quality assurance in developing countries the focus should be on the formulation and review of health policies that are supported by a committed and willing leadership and set up of institutional framework to enable the assessment of quality in the health industry. Only through research which is home based that can help in the development and assessment of new methods to implement quality assurance without necessarily escalating the inputs which are key for quality healthcare (Paquette;59; 2002). Public administration in health care of developing countries should strategize on working along the ministries of health and finance

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