Monday, August 26, 2019

Read the case study about Cottage Condiments and answer the 4 Essay

Read the case study about Cottage Condiments and answer the 4 questions as a report - Essay Example The major strength for Cottage Condiment is that it produces naturally flavoured products. The products are made from natural fruits and plants which give them a natural flavour. The products are also lowly priced hence making affordable to consumers in the market. Additionally the business is offering a wide range of products including pickles, chutney and relish of different flavors such as peach and ginger, traditional apple, plum and ripe tomato (Hollyoake, 2009, p. 45). Cottage Condiment products have a strong presence in the local market. This is evident from the number of sales that the business is making on a daily basis. The strengths provide a solid foundation for the business to expand into a wider market. The major weakness of Cottage Condiment is that its managers have very little knowledge in business. Jon Wright is a retired engineer who has never engaged in business at any point of his life. His wife also has very little experience in the operations of a business. The owners of the business are retired and have little capital to finance its expansion (Hollyoake, 2009, p. 55). This may curtail the operations and expansion of the business. The market for pickles, chutney and relish has recorded a consistent growth in the last three years. This is a wonderful opportunity for the business to attract a significant portion of the market. The growing demand for Cottage Condiment products in the local market is also an opportunity for the business to expand its operations and serve a larger market. Competition from established businesses such as supermarkets is the greatest threat that Cottage Condiment faces. This may make it harder for the business to grow and serve a larger market because it is already occupied by established businesses. The other threat is the unpredictable market performance which makes it risky to expand in an uncertain market. The UK has a stable political environment that is

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