Saturday, August 24, 2019

The impact of automation Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The impact of automation - Term Paper Example on on the society is an increase in the mechanical power available to an individual owing to the presence of new opportunities and the decreased demand for labour. The opportunities that arise from automation, especially with fabricators are participation in the development, use, repair, and distribution of fabricators, software, and related hardware. The other impact of automation on the society is the increased productivity 100 or 1000 times per machine operator reducing the demand for skilled labour at workplaces (Johnsen, 1976). The effect is an increase in the level of pervert since the extra workers have to be dismissed to pave the way for the machines and affecting the standards of living negatively. The level of unemployment in the society in the economy increases owing to the increased use of machines in completion of tasks previously undertaken by humans. Automation results in better product quality through reduction in human errors in the production process. Automated of inspection and assembly methods result in the improvement of the durability of manufactured products as exemplified with the production of cars, refrigerators, and televisions that have been shown to last longer than previous models owing to automation (Burns, 1993). Quality products from automation result in the value for money for the consumers and less money are spent on replacement and repairs. The standards of living in the society improve with the increased automation of production processes and methods. The other impact of automation has been the increased possibility of recycling of older products for new product models aiding in the reduction of wastes in the society (Burns, 1993). Examples are the introduction of recycling of used Apple products under the reign of Steve Jobs and the recycling of brake shoes and engine blocks in the automotive industry. Structural unemployment emerges and increases as a result of automation resulting in the reduction in consumer and disposal

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