Friday, March 15, 2019

Dells Successful Use of the Internet as a Selling Channel Essay

dingles Successful Use of the Internet as a Selling Channeldell are currently the worlds return one PC supplier, a position inthe market they took from Compaq in April 2001. In short, thecomp alls success story is mainly depressed to their innovative directbusiness model, which pays particular attention to the change military operationwhere Dell completely bypasses all intermediaries and/or middlemen. This is because Michael Dell believed they add minor if no value tothe end product, instead just gaining a great mark-up forselling the product. Hence, they became the first PC manufacturer tocompletely cut issue retailers and instead sold customised computersdirectly to nodes based on their exact specifications. Thisselling process began over the telephone and via catalogues precisely in1996 Dell embarked on Internet based selling on their official weavesite,, providing customers the opportunity to demoralizedesktops, notebooks and servers directly from them. In ord er to power online commerce successfully for any business, thebasic technology required is the installation of servers anddata-storage systems. The website runs on industry precedentDell PowerEdge servers. These powerful servers are backed up byDell/EMC Fibre Channel storage. Dell is therefore equipped withbackup strategies in case any problems with the servers or softwareoccur and are experienced. This is crucial, as users may begin to viewthis distribution channel as perfidious if breakdowns are recurrentand could detract them from not only buying from but fromanything from the company. According to company internal metrics, is one of the most responsive web sites on the Internet, withan average download time of 1 second for a page. That brieflyexplains the technology used to power the website still customerscan glide slope it simply via an Internet browser, the most popular beingMicrosoft Internet venturer and Netscape Explorer. Dells direct business model (can be seen on the page three) may besimple in theory however it is very complicated executing it inreality. Building PCs to order means that they must have the partsand components on achieve to build a wide range of possiblespecifications over a short period of time (to ensure minimum time betwixt order and manufacture). To complete these orders quickly,Dell must have first-rate manufacturing and ... ...ffective they are. Asmentioned, customer service has also improved from an already high standard even further. Dell has created many services online thatenables the customer to see the full purchasing process clearly oncethey have made an order. It gives the customer the ability to trackthe progress of their order as it is produced and delivered, providingthem with constant feedback of words dates and productinformation. This 24-hour customer service and fast response timehelps Dell build a strong relationship with customers. References----------The key references handed in earlier referred to the two links below- http// corporation/ family?c= uk&l=en&s=corp- http// en/2003/2003_10_20_rr_002?c=us&l=en&s=corpFurther websites were found with useful detail on Dells directselling model- http// http// ID=14674- http// policy/en/policy? c=us&l=en&s=gen&ck=lf§ion=006

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