Thursday, March 28, 2019

Humans are More Alike than Unlike :: essays papers

Humans are More Alike than un besidesI looked up the passage I was going and back the flair I had came since I was not satisfied I stepped off the road and created a new path(Maya Angelou) Humans are more alike than unlike. Once we in America grasp this construct only than depart we began to create a new path for the world we belong.Many propagation the word mutation rings in my ear like an pain telephone that I do not want to answer. Sometimes I feel as we are caught up in a diversity s open firedal attending diversity days, diversity workshops, and taking diversity classes only if to say we are trying to do something just about our racial worry we have in America.Personally I had to step away from these things to re-evaluate my beliefs and value about my fellow brothers and sisters of my world. I was one of those people who was caught up in the going to the workshops and doing the trainings and not doing the work within myself. I had to realize that human are more alike than unlike. When I truly adopted this concept and lived it I finally began to accept that in order for us public to live together we have to trust, accept and honor one another. payload starts within yourself. Once you commit yourself to a cause such as diversity it becomes necessary part of your life just as feeding and sleeping. Finally when I figured out it was not the talk and the walk that made the difference I became more passionate about my cause. Being passionate made it easier to tell people what diversity and multicultralism was and what it meant to me. You can talk to you are blue in the face but what you live is truly how people learn, we learn through example. I learned a long time ago that I can not surrender the world but if I reach one person and they motley their ways that one person whitethorn reach 10,000 others. That is what fighting for compare means to me. Truly that is what this game is all about changing lives and realizing you may never change the liv es of the masses but you continue to fight for comparison through diversity.I have dreamed of a world where everyone is equalize and I have accomplished in my world this very dream. However, when we in America get and live this concept I have continually talked of throughout this essay only than will there ever be true change in the equality of people in our country.

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