Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Lamuel Gulliver Essay -- essays research papers

Lamuel GulliverJonathan Swift is wiz of the best known satirists in the history of literature. When one reads his works, especially something like Gullivers Travels, it is easy for one to spot the cynical themes, which emerge within his characterization. Lamuel Gulliver is an excellent protagonist a keen observer, and a good representative of his native England, but one who loses faith in mankind as his story progresses. He ends up in hostile areas of the world all by accidents in his voyages. In each trip, he is shipwrecked and mysteriously arrives to lands never before seen by men. This forms an interesting rhythm in the novel as Gulliver is given more and more responsibility, he tends to be less and less in control. In his encounter with the Lilliputians, Gulliver shows himself to be kind, honorable, and generous. notwithstanding the Lilliputians are prideful, greedy, and cruel in response to him he always manages to be peaceful with them. For example, when the Lilliputians an d the people of Blefuscu (the British and the French in reality) go to war, Gulliver ties a knot to each of the Blefuscan ships and brings them together to the Lilliputian king. Then both of the countries negotiate and settle peace. Thus, Gulliver stops the friction between the two countries and establishes everlasting peace. This mark a characteristic of wisdom within Gulliver and the apple on his riddle signifies this quality.&n...

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