Friday, April 19, 2019

Critical Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Critical Thinking - Essay ExampleOther rhetoric skirt senior citizens in terms of stereotypes include such things as they are forgetful, childish, disobedient tempered, frigid (women), dirty old men, cantankerous, and stubborn. Stereotypes assigned to tattooed people ordinarily involve bad images such as promiscuity, aggressiveness, drug addicts and toughies or louts, and they are precise much associated with bikies (a bad element who ride motor bikes). Feminists inspire numerous stereotypes that continually change as they go in and out of fashion. The derogatory stereotypes generally relate to women who are ball breakers and lesbians because they strive for equality with men. Many women do not identify themselves as feminists because of fear of reprisal created by conventional connotations attributed to them (Weibust & Miller, 2007). Politicians are considered as liars and benders of truth, manipulative, liners of their own pockets and full of their own conceit. They are in al l probability the most highly stereotyped group of all and the only group that invent stereotypes against each other(a) using negative rhetoric against their opponents.

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