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Final project for LING 4100 topic2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Final project for LING 4100 topic2 - Assignment ExampleThe dickens position languages are widely spread through out the world. For instance, Indian batch were colonized by the British and hence adapted to the British English. Their English differs from that of Ameri quite a little people, with strong annotation on the accents and pronunciation. The summary exit concentrate on Indian English, pointing out differences and similarities in relation to the North American English. English is the native language spoken in India, and ein truthone can communicate using English. However, their English is pretty oftentimes different from the American English. We concentrate on the dialogue in the news cast between the fasten interviewing Mr Davender Ghai. The interview is in relation to Ghais fight to acquire an open funeral funeral pyre while in United Kingdom. Cremation is not allowed in the United Kingdom and the Hindu activist fights to acquire the chance to be cremated after his de ath. They engage in a tough interview that is carried out in the Indian studios at New Castle. We concentrate the analysis from the first inquiry that the secure asks Mr. Ghai. The question demands to get an answer as to why Mr. Ghai engaged into the fight of an open pyre when he is in the United Kingdom. The analysis will also cover the answer he gives and the process he follows to answer the directed question. The second question directed to him by the anchor seeks to enquire if Ghai fought for the legalization of open cremation for himself or for the entire Hindu people in the United Kingdom. The analysis looks into the second question and the answer given. Data Sample Ghai starts by interrupting the anchor with a thank you before he is welcomed. It shows a difference in response between American English and Indian English. The first question that the anchor asks is Can you tell us what made you go in for this legal battle, what did you really want to do? Ghai responds Well, se e. My father always wanted a funeral pyre when he died in 1979, because we could not send the body to India, we couldnt afford it. So, when he died I was very very upset. Okay, then I found out in 1932, the princess of Nepal was given open funeral pyre in London. The second question is were you fighting this battle for yourself or for all Hindus in the United Kingdom? The language language used is the official English spoken world wide by the Indian people. Ghai answers Okay, hear, I am a man of charity and I run a charity Date examine analysis Critically analyzing the first question, one can see that the language used differs from the North American English. The first difference noted is the pronunciation of the English words, and the use of verbs in the sentences. Going by the American way, the question is wrongfully constructed. Pronunciation of the entire sentence differs from the American way. Secondly, a verb is the most critical component of a sentence since it explains th e subjects action. The verb used in the question go is followed by adverb. This is singular with the American English. The use of an adverb after a verb is said to be grammatically incorrect in the American English. The other significant difference that can be noted in this dialect is the phonetic aspect. It can be learned that the Indians use the middle of their tongue just before the end to pronounce. This is the reason that the pronunciation is different from the American pronunciation.

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