Friday, April 26, 2019

High Speed Rail Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

High belt along Rail - Research Paper ExampleThis type of rail organization is preferable for passenger stumble although it is to a fault used for freight services in some countries. (Cox and Vranich) The purpose of this research paper is to commit an overview of development of broad(prenominal) speed rail comport, its benefits i.e. economically and environmentally, operation and maintenance and success or sorrow of such projects.Many policy makers in developed countries have backed the idea of a high speed rail channelise. For instance, the Obama administration in the USA pledged to inject an $8 billion dollar fund to support high speed rail project as part of its economic foreplay program. This plan involved around 8500 rout-miles of high speed trains connecting about 33 states in 2009 and all the states machine-accessible by 2014. (Vock, 2014)High speed rail is rapidly expanding across the world. Currently, more than 20 countries have a high speed rail transport with oth er 10 countries having such a system down the stairs construction. High speed rail transport has been operational in Japan for over 50 long time with zero fatalities. Some policy makers argue that high speed rail train is expensive and save serve the elite in society. For instance, in the USA it is argued that the geography is unsuitable for such a system since its cities are less dense and far apart. (OToole) However, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with high speed rail transport in terms of sustainability, economically and environmentally.High speed trains put up deliver passengers at a atom of a second and costs and in all weather. It also provides convenient service to other forms of transport e.g. fast transport to airports hence allowing residents from lower societal level to benefit from a relatively punk form of long-distance travel. Also, a single rail track and high speed train can carry many people at ago as compared to highways and this is not only convenient, but also saves time and cost. (Pettinger)With the adoption and running of a

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