Saturday, April 6, 2019

Reply to the forum about rude behavior in the Society Essay Example for Free

Reply to the forum about rude fashion in the Society EssayRudeness is very much prevalent in every side of the confederacy. Illiterate people and even those professionals and students are infected by the behavior of rudeness. Often times, rudeness is tolerated that is wherefore instead of eradicating it, situations linked to it only get worse. It is slowly becoming a trend but of course, not all trends are good and should be followed. The factors that were given in the post do influence the pervade of rudeness. These factors from the environment weaken the foundation of a persons good character. Aside from the elements of a in use(p) and secluded lifestyle and broken families, more factors that trigger rudeness include the media, technology and lack of example obligation. The media takes part on catering thoughts of rudeness to the societies. A celebrity who has bad behavior and got away with it is whizz illustration that rudeness abide be considered as a so-so action. Th us, at that place is lack of good obligation in every wrong action that was done. The technology provides materials of rudeness through videos or unsubdivided pranks on a television show. Lack of moral obligation is also related to an environment of a broken family.If there is no discipline at home, the child or the teenager can stick to the same behavior when he is at school. For example, if the child is impatient, he cannot wait in line when at the school canteen. Hence, he will show behavior of irritability and may go in forward of the line instead of waiting for his turn. Slight rudeness can be treated as paltry etiquette. Still, it is classified under the category of rudeness. Instances of poor etiquettes will surely develop into rudeness. On the other hand, there is the question on whether rudeness is dependent on how the person handles its influences.A person can be exposed to negative influences but can still manage to have a good behavior. In order to do that, he must have a strong core of values that can help him ward off the factors of rudeness. As for someone who is already rude, there is always the possibility that he will learn his lessons, probably the hard way to realize that rudeness is not acceptable in the society. References DBSR. (2009, December 10). Why Have We Evolved Into Such a Rude Society?. Retrieved May 24, 2010, from http//dontbesorude. com/2009/12/why-have-we-evolved-into-such-a- rude- society/

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