Sunday, April 21, 2019

Servant Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

consideration Leadership - Essay ExampleResearcher David, your expertise in disaster management has received cosmos(prenominal) recognition. Many thanks indeed for poseing time from your busy schedule to speak to me.David In the prime(prenominal) place let me thank you for giving the honor of being interviewed by you. It is an opportunity for me put crosswise the concept of Servant-Leadership because I feel that it is the one approach that works hassle free in our world of relentless change.Researcher David, did you al behaviors have this Servant-Leader approach?David It is an interesting question. I studied in a top-notch business school and invariably all the students were placed in the most reputed companies in the country or elsewhere in Europe or Japan even before our results were known. I found my way into a cosmetics marketing company in the country. Apparently, every thing was fine with me. Incentives, promotions, rewards, excellence citations and the whole train of bus iness related encouragements came in my way. In spite of all these, I was somewhat unhappy and unsuccessful and to my surprise, I was unknowingly overworking and ruining my health. Deep down within me, I did not find any satisfying answer to the question, why am I here?Researcher I see. I suppose it was a trying time in your life.David Indeed, it was tough. Nevertheless, I did not budge from my chosen travel of management, though initially I was tempted to do so. I embarked upon a search. I started to read voraciously all kinds of books, especially history.

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