Monday, April 22, 2019

Promoting access to medical technologies - from Chile's perspective Research Paper

Promoting rag to medical technologies - from Chiles perspective mun position - Research Paper ExampleChile believes that this is one of the issues that international repose is being put on stakes. In order to bring peace in the world, there ineluctably to be uniformity and equality among countries. Therefore, Chile positions the aspect of promotion of access to medical technologies for developing countries (World health Organization).In the present times, Chile is determined to undertake treaties and agreements that would allow developing countries to benefit from it. Among these agreements, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) seems to go bad effectively for negotiation from 12 countries. Chile is among these 12 countries that are committed to develop medical query and technologies in developing countries so that the current research protocol in the veritable countries can be shifted or shared with the developing countries. Similar to these treaties are the forum discussion being held with Chile with Asiatic developing countries where effective and life-saving medicine research is being sponsored so that chronic diseases can now be treated. It is an evident fact that medicine and technology cannot be applied until constant lab work is through with(p) within the developing countries. For this purpose, Chile has proposed the initiation of university programs that leave behind be aided by the country along with the infrastructure. Chile completely understand that at this point where international politics have become progressively critical, exchange of technology can surely be a way to bring peace and harmony. It will spread equality among developing and developed countries so that conflicts can be finished (Li).It is thus recommended that developed countries of the world must come forward and promote medical technologies access by forming legal and polity options. There needs to be effective research done on the empirical data confirmatory the assisted u sage of medical technologies in developing countries (Zuniga, Marks and Gostin). It is

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