Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Practical Benefits of Personal Skills Essay

The Practical Benefits of Personal Skills - Essay ExampleThe quadruplet skills that I have chosen be coordination, active learning, active listening, and critical thinking. Possession of these life skills is said to be very beneficial and eases onerous conditions, both in terms of personal matters and in terms of those that deal with the workplace. Indeed, when faced with lifes problems, which ar immanent however, one should possess the basic life skills so that he may be armed in defeating all lifes foes.My chosen skills are beneficial to a person in a variety of shipway that one can imagine. Its importance is seen in the tendency of a suicidal patient to end his life, which is a certain manifestation of hardship in dealing with a current problem. This condition only mirrors the unspoiltness that this person has not equipped himself effectively enough with lifes basic skills. The reason may perhaps be because he is not aware that these are important skills that must be devel oped and carried on in life, or it may be that he did not have the opportunity to develop them in the kickoff place, the environment he is in is not one conducive enough for such development, or he simply did not have the knowledge of how important they are to his own advantage. Below are the four chosen basic skills and their benefitsCoordinatioCoordination SkillsCoordination is adjusting actions in relation to others action.1 It implies ones ability to adapt to situations and the people around it. Getting something by whatever means possible is contrary to the development of this basic skill, since one has to consider others - their ideas, feelings, and impacts of an undertaking or a decision - and unite them with ones ideas in making things work out the most possible and wanted way. Adjusting ones actions with those of others in a pursuit to achieve an individual or a group goal is the high hat way of dealing with differences.2 The benefits that this basic skill extends to an individual are massive. The results are manifested in a wakeless work environment, a give-and-take relationship, and new and renewed friendships. People will also appreciate ones rumination and ability of involving them in his worldview, a rare capacity that must be developed, specially in the workplace. This specified appreciation is a benefit in itself, for it leads to the extension of ones sphere of influence and linkage building, necessary in making certain goals achievable and with ease. Coordination skill is one that I have acquired recently and I am reaping various positive outcomes as a result. Developing and sustaining new friendships is one benefit that I at once experience. Coordination has made me develop my receptivity as a person, a trait, which I think is important especially that people always want to have their ideas and insights be considered and being repulsive to them will scare them just the same. It does not mean however, that this receptivity is just sim ply allowing people get their way. Rather, it is more of digesting their insights, weighting them with mine, considering them if they are attuned to my values and ethics, and informing people the reasons why I do not consider them in boldness I

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