Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Role Of Gender In Team Collaboration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Role Of Gender In Team quislingism - Essay ExampleI well-educated how gendered communication and decision-making can affect the kinds of jobs and wage levels of women and men (Parcheta et al., 2013, p.244). The due south proof the strip ruminate is awareness of skills needed to handle current workplace challenges. I learned that women should enhance their communication and negotiation skills that are link to their performance (Bear & Woolley, 2011, p.148). They should non be afraid of cosmos aggressive in fighting for equal pay or promotion.The cons of doing the case study are related to examining exceptions to gender stereotypes and social generalizations. The first con of the case study is it does not consider men and women who do not fit in gender stereotypes. Some women are not timid in negotiation processes, while some men are not that aggressive in fighting for higher pay. The case study assumes that men and women, in general, have these gender-stereotyped character istics, thereby neglecting individual differences. The second con of the case study is it has the tendency to overlook companies that may have benchmarks already when it comes to challenging gender stereotypes and in promoting gender comparability in top management positions, high-paying positions, and gender wage. Some companies are making headways in undercutting gender separatrix and promoting equality across all workplace avenues.One of the actions that can help stop inner torment in the workplace is to promote refresher training on sexual harassment using king hours time. Using office/employment time is already a strong signal that the company takes sexual harassment seriously because learning approximately it is part of paid labor. In addition, refresher courses update employees about sexual harassment reports and their resolutions at work or in the industry, thereby showing that the company does not take harassment reports lightly.

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