Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A passage to India Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A passage to India - Essay ExampleAziz and friends longs for the play along of an English man, the popular wish of the Indians during that time. Both, Aziz and Fielding have similarities in their behavior that they are curious in Indian mysteries. Moreover, Fielding has high respects for Indian tradition and is high tolerant. It may be this common fact that befriends them. The western similarity of Aziz is clear when Moore explains her view with Aziz in the mosque. Only much later Ronny and others take care that she was speaking about a Muslim, who exactly follows the western way of living. The words of Miss Quested are notable in this context when she exclaimed, A Mohammedan How perfectly magnificent (Foster 9). 2. What do you think really happened to Adel Quested in the cave? What might the echo signify symbolically in the novel? Adel Quested had a wild experience in the Marabar Caves where she was overcome with claustrophobia like Mrs. Moore. When she entered the cave alone, the echo of the sound and loneliness might have shake up her. This actually caused for her fainting and misunderstanding that Aziz molested her. However, the echo in the cave has symbolic significance in the novel with various(a) propositions. There have been many inferences among the critics regarding this symbol. But one can see echo representing climax of nuisance of the novel.

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