Sunday, May 26, 2019

Promotional Material Essay

Before we created our promotional materials such as posters, leaflets and flyers, we had to make sure that we were able to find a suitable footing in which we can budget according to our finances. During our research, we were able to locate a suitable printing office staff in which we could print our promotional materials in bulk, so we could hand out in the local area to help promote the business. The advantage of the agency we chose for printing our material was that they were able to print our promotional materials indoors 2 working days and that any deliveries that took place could be tracked on the website when u log on to it, this to make sure that the delivery is divergence according to plan. By selecting the amount we though would be appropriate for this campaign, we were able to locate the price in which it would cost us as an advertising agency if that amount were to be printed out.Promotional MaterialLeafletsWe used leaflets to ensure customers the products that the ca f will be selling in their local caf. The leaflet we designed had a aglitter(predicate) Italian background (in the form of the Italy colours), indicating immediately to the consumer that the caf is Italian based, which is probably the nigh important factor to inform the customer about. We made sure that the leaflet was specifically designed and had the relevant cultivation such as the location of the caf and the products that the caf were going to sell. This is vital to clear as mis organiseing customers about products that the caf doesnt sell could lead to the business losing customers. We also had to include contact information so that customers could maybe phone in the caf to order food or to see whether the caf is open. We used pictures so that consumers are able to get a feel of some of the products that the caf has on offer. We placed this on the front (main) side of the leaflet so that it is eye detecting to the consumer as soon as they see the leaflet.We made 1500 printo ut leaflets as they can be easily distributed just about the local area and are the most popular method of promotion used by a business of a similar stature. Leaflets could be posted through letter boxers to the people around the local area so it increases the chance of the consumer actually noticing and reading the leaflet This can help achieve the business objectives of achieving 30 customers daily as by using this type of promotion, in the form of leaflets, the business is virtually trying to attract more customers to shop at the caf and build more customer sensory faculty of the caf. If the business has more customers, they could achieve their aim of breaking even in the first year. However, a drawback of using a leaflet was that it proved to be the most costly in terms of production as we were charged at 11p per leaflet.PostersThe posters we designed were again Italian based but had to limit the amount of information we could put on the poster due to lack of space. This was one of the drawbacks of using a poster but could be just as effective as using the leaflet. However, the production of the poster was the cheapest at just 4.5 per poster. This came at a surprise as we thought that the poster was to be more expensive than the quiet of the promotional material. The content we had on the poster had o be very basic but had to send the message across to consumers of the products that the caf may sell if they came to visit.The drawback of creating a poster was that it was very time consuming as first we had to make a draft copy, then were we able to form the main copy in which was going to be used for distribution. The use of pictures made it more eyes detection for the consumer and the contents that were stated were the basic products that the caf were going to sell. The reason behind this termination was that we believed that consumers would be more likely to read a poster that had a limited amount of writing on the poster rather than having a crow d together pack poster full of writing and fewer pictures.By just stating the important points and more use of pictures proved to be more eye catching for us and potential consumers. This could help achieve the aims of this organisation as students and working class people could notice this poster when they shop at local newsagents or public areas when they go to work or college. Although these wont be distributed to houses like leaflets, they will be situated at public areas such as on buses or some of the local shops nearby. This would increase customer awareness of the business on a whole or be a drawback as some people like the elderly who do not shop as often as other student are more likely to miss the poster rather than students who walk past on a day to day basis.

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