Monday, May 6, 2019

Watercolor Prints Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Watercolor Prints - Essay eccentricThe procedures for this class are Step 1 Children will sit down on the floor (white food coloring sheets on the floor) instead of having a canvas in front of them. (Children will not get shopworn holding their hands in the air). Step 2 Asked to brush colors on canvas without some(prenominal) restrictionsStep 3 teacher will go up to each student and tell them proper(postnominal) points to the highest degree their painting so they could make it better.Step 4 Let them be. Let them use their imaginations and relieve oneself whatever pleases them.Step 5 they will be briefed about specifics of painting later so they would consequence short notes.Step 6 They are supposed to write about their own piece.Step 7 Next day, they are supposed to repeat the process in the hopes of improvement. Purposes of the LessonThe purpose of the lesson is to teach students how to read and exhibit emotions through weewee painting. Estimated DurationEstimated duration for this course is 5 days daily 4pm to 10pm. Pre- Assessment skillful the basic understanding of water colors would be considered sufficient to enroll in this class. The thing about this class is not much about teaching but letting students express themselves through water paintings.

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