Saturday, May 11, 2019

Poverty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 13

Poverty - Essay ExampleIn clubhouse to be able to give an objective solution to the problem of manhood meagreness, it is imperative to outset explore at the causes of humans poverty. It is by eliminating the causes of world poverty that we will decisively solve the problem of world poverty.One of the main causes of world poverty especially in the third world, where children are dying of lust is mainly corruption and mismanagement of national resources. This therefore means that in order to offer a long term solution to the problem of extreme poverty in some countries of the world, corruption should first be eliminated. With the elimination of corruption and good management of national resources, it is possible to drastically reduce the gamy levels of poverty in the world, thus pr tear downting death of innocent children from hunger. Instead of proposing a concrete way of closing corruption and mismanagement of national resources as a mean of laboring world poverty, Singer a rgues that even with corruption and embezzlement of monetary resource donated by the rich people for the starving children, with the contribution of approximately $ two hundred by the wealthy Ameri put ups will be enough to feed the poor starving children in the world. However, although these capital indeed can help significantly in feeding the poor starving children, thus preventing them from dying, the donated funds will not give a long term solution to the problem of world poverty and world hunger. Singers solution to world hunger, therefore, offers only a short-term solution to world hunger and the short term solution cannot rid the world of poverty and hunger. The best way to fight world poverty and world hunger is to eliminate corruption, which is one of the main causes of world hunger and starvation of poor innocent children.Secondly, the solution offered by Singer in fighting world poverty can even aggravate

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