Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Germans & germany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Germans & germany - Essay ExampleIt is likewise a responsibility to nurse the minority groups in the country from brutal treatment. It is an expression of humanity to the survivors and a show of responsibility to proceed crimes in the society (Cottrell 1).The memorial is a dedication to the Jews victims of the wars after the war in Germany. It does not technically keep out concentration camps Jews who suffered the fate of death at old age or from diseases. The denomination is appropriate, and no better title would fit the memorial than its apparent title.The Washington museum is a remembrance of the lamentable activities that occurred during the killing of the Jews. It has a comprehensive history of the holocaust through artifacts and eyewitness testimonials, in the form of movies and films. It also has artifacts as well as photographs of the occurrences. However, there is no national monument on the victims of crime. This is because the slavery and racial extermination did not occur in the country. It would only be advisable to build the monument at the disgrace of the crime rather than in Washington.The tale of Emmaly Reeds is a moving account, touching and reveals the man of the brutality that the Nazis victims experienced. Her imprisonment for twelve years shows the extent of suffering that the victims underwent. She exposes the hangings that imprisoned victims underwent during the slavery and genocide that occurred.Cottrell, Chris. record to Roma Holocaust Victims Opens in Berlin. The New York Times. October 24, 2012. Web. May 5, 2013. Retrieved from

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