Friday, May 10, 2019

Long paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Long paper - raise Exampletific realism provides a cause effect relationship that helps to substantiate their counselling of reasoning, hence providing an cost-efficient way of informing physical phenomena. From a critical point of view, scientific modeling and existence of different observational approaches provides cohesive formulas that can explain scientific phenomena. As a result, scientific theories have found their way in defining different situations that no other school of thoughts can explain. Therefore, the logical nature of scientific realism has made it more applicable in defining scientific phenomena in the contemporary world. The line of merchandise is that modeling and experimentation makes scientific realism a compelling approach despite the existence of ill-judged assumptions in development of scientific theories.Scientific realism is one of the traditional schools of thought that seek to explain the truth about complex phenomena of the world. The main tenet of scientific realism is that scientific theories, in a great way, provide factual and truthful information on the nature of the world. Notably, scientific theories have provided safe explanation on complex phenomena from the way atoms behave to the way they the different elements of the world behave. Scientists have engaged in a wide range of activities including observation, experimentation and modeling to explain the nature of the world. History has defined the variation of theories and progressive scientific innovation. Recently, there has been an upsurge of criticism of the scientific approach as many an(prenominal) authors expose different sides of the same coin (Boyd 54). While a number feel that these theories are accepted in explaining different situations, others view them as inferior and bow to manipulation. The opponents of these ideas state that scientific realism is subject to manipulation and that it fails to stand the test of time. The fact science leaves room for theoretical expansion has been exploited as a weakness of this idea of

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